Vourvourou Beach – Sithonia, Halkidiki

Vourvourou Beach is in the center of the dreamiest beaches of the Sithonia peninsula, and of Halkidiki overall. For decades, Vourvourou beach has been among the top choices of Thessaloniki locals. Nonetheless, with so many beaches, coves, and even several small islands, Vourvourou still feels exotic and remote.

Where is Vourvourou Beach?

Vourvourou is near the top of the Sithonia leg of the Halkidiki peninsula. It faces the Siggitikos Gulf – also called the Gulf of Mt. Athos or the Gulf of Agios Oros, between Sithonia and the Agios Oros peninsula. Vourvourou is across the leg from Nikiti, and just south of Ormos Panagias.

How to Get to Vourvourou Beach

Vourvourou Beach is very easy to reach from Thessaloniki. Since it’s at the top of the Sithonia peninsula, you just drive along the northern coast of Toroni Bay, bypassing the Kassandra peninsula. You’ll go through Gerakini and Nikiti, then cut across the the top of the Sithonia peninsula. The drive from Thessaloniki is only about an hour and half. It’s a lovely and very easy drive, too.

There are also many public buses – KTEL – serving Halkidiki destinations, For schedules, check here.

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Vourvourou Bay and the Islands of Vourvourou

The Turquoise sea of the Gulf of Vourvourou and the Islands across from Vourvourou beach
The Turquoise sea of the Gulf of Vourvourou and the Islands

Vourvourou is a unique destination in Halkidiki. Vourvourou beach faces its own bay. Directly across from Vourvourou, and very close, is Diaporos Island. Because it shelters the Gulf of Vourvourou, Diaporos makes it feel like an idyllic lake in the sea.

The Bay of Vourvourou is dotted with nine islands, including Diaporos. The others are even tinier islets. Each of the nine islands has its own secret coves and beach, so it’s not hard to carve out a private slice of paradise among them.

How to get to the nine islands of Vourvourou? That’s very easy – there are many places where you can rent your own small boat for the day. No license or experience is required, but you will need to have a photo ID with you.

Exploring the little islets of Vourvourou in your own boat is a highlight of the Halkidiki beach experience. Alternatively, you can even take a kayak to the islets. They’re very close to the shore, sometimes as close as 250 meters.

Diaporos Island

A map of the islands in the gulf of vourvourou by Vourvourou beach, Halkidiki
The shimmering gulf of Vourvourou has nine islands

The largest of the nine islands by Vourvourou beach is Diaporos Island. You’ll find a few houses on the island, but it’s mostly wild, perfect for picnicking and exploring. The waters around Diaporos Island are deep enough for yachts, making it a nice stop off on a boating trip along the coast on Sithonia and in the Singitic Gulf (Mount Athos Gulf).

The sea around Diaporos Island is not only crystal clear but also feature some reefs, making this a prime snorkeling destination. Around the island, you’ll discover secluded coves and sandy beaches, surrounded by fragrant pine trees.

The Other Islands of Vourvourou

Besides Diaporos, there are another 8 little islets. Across from the little cape where you’ll find Karidi Beach, there are the Kalamonisia – a pair of islets less that are each just 100 meters across. Next to them is the equally petite Petronisi. Off the northern shore of Diaporos Island, you’ll find Elia Agiou Nikolaou (Prassonisi), Peristeri, Ambelitsi, and Agios Isidoros. The little island Kalogria is in the next bay to the west.

The Beaches of Vourvourou

Pine trees and little coves make the Vourvourou beaches enchanting.
Pine trees and little coves make the beaches near Vourvourou enchanting.

This section of Sithonia has some of the most magical Halkidiki beaches. They’re all very close together. Starting from Ormos Panagias in the north, there is Lagonisi beach. Lagonisi has its own little bay. On the next bay is Karagatsi beach. Then, at the tip of a narrow sand bar jutting out into the bay is the gorgeous Livari beach. Vourvourou beach itself is a soft sandy beach with shallow waters. There are several hotels on the beach.

Karidi beach, Vourvourou is an exotic paradise. It’s on a secluded bay at the tip of a small cape, and features the softest white sand you can imagine. The calm, jewel-like waters are also shallow, even further from the shore. Because it’s so popular with locals, it’s good to get to Karidi beach early. Straight across the cape from Vourvourou beach to the south east is Fava beach. Fava beach is actually three little beaches you walk down to at the base of a cliff. Secluded and undeveloped, these beaches are a local favorite for a swim in the pristine turquoise sea.

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Staying in Vourvourou

The green coastline of Vourvourou beach
The green coastline of Vourvourou

Some of the nicest places to stay in Sithonia are around Vourvourou beach. Whether you’re looking for a private villa, a convenient apartment, a casual family-style hotel, or a chic, full-service resort, you’ll find an excellent selection – complete with photos and reviews – here. The following are some top picks:

Thalassokipos – Design aficionados will love the chic studios and suites at Thalassokipos. Done in juicy hues and beautifully appointed, Thalassopikos won a European Property Award for its excellent interior design. Guests praise the spectacular views – directly overlooking the bay and islands of Vourvouou. They also love the delicious homemade breakfasts, the ultra-comfortable beds, and the warm hospitality. One of the highest rated in Halkidiki. Check here for photos, rave reviews, and booking info.

Studios Haido – Just 100 meters from Vourvourou beach and with a pool, these petite studios offer excellent value for the money. All are air conditioned, and equipped with a refrigerator and a kitchen or kitchenette. Guests rate it a fantastic 9.6, mentioning that it’s super-clean, has beautiful views, and wonderful hosts. Check here to see photos and reviews and to book your stay.

Ekies All Senses Resort – Great design sets the Ekies experience apart. Directly on a white sandy beach on the Gulf of Vourvourou, with a beach bar, a gorgeous pool, and a chic outdoor lounge under the trees, this is the perfect Vourvourou beach resort. Ideal for a romantic getaway – they can even arrange private dining on the beach. Guests love the friendly service, the excellent food, the sandy white beach, the in-house spa, and pretty much everything else about this place. You can see what they rave about, check out photos, and find booking info here.

Antigoni Beach Resort -10 km north of Vourvourou on the fabulous Trani Ammouda beach. Antigoni Beach Resort gets consistently high marks. Guest praise its stylish elegance, gorgeous pool and beach bar, and fantastic breakfasts, as well as the friendly staff. Check here for photos, guest reviews, and booking info.

Things to Do in Vourvourou

Besides renting a boat or a kayak and exploring the nine enchanting islands of Vourvourou, this is a great base for exploring Halkidiki. From Ormos Panagias, just a few kilometers to the north, you can take a boat tour to view magnificent Agios Oros – the Mount Athos peninsula. This UNESCO world heritage sight is closed to visitors – only male visitors on a pilgrimage may go. But on a tour you can view the famous Byzantine monasteries on their cliffs.

Halkidiki is also rich in historic sights, dating from ancient Greece through the ears of early Christianity. For an overview, see this complete Halkidiki Guide, as well as this post of the best things to see and do in Halkidiki.

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