How to Get From Thessaloniki Airport to Halkidiki by Public Transportation

It’s very easy to get from the Thessaloniki Airport to Halkidiki with public transportation. It just takes a little bit of planning.

Halkidiki is Northern Greece’s premier destination for outstanding beaches, culture, socializing, and entertainment. Here’s a complete Halkidiki Travel Guide, covering the best beaches, sights, and charming villages.

Since Halkidiki is so close to Thessaloniki, it’s really worth combining your beach holiday with a city break. Thessaloniki is famous for its culture and nightlife, a great place to taste the best of urban Mediterranean lifestyle.

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How to Find the Public Transportation (OASTH) Buses at the Thessaloniki Airport

The bus stop is directly outside the arrivals area. With the airport terminal at your back, you’ll see the bus stop at the right-hand end of the arrivals pick up area.

How to Get a Ticket for the OASTH Airport Bus

Thessaloniki airport to Halkidiki - You can buy a bus ticket from the booth at the arrivals area
You can buy a bus ticket from the booth at the arrivals area

There is a ticket booth right by the bus stop. Alternatively, you can also get your ticket on board the bus from a ticket machine.

Note that the ticket machines in board accept only coins – no paper money – and that they do not give change. The fare for the 79A or 79B is €1. You can only buy one ticket at a time, so if you need two tickets, you need two €1 coins.

Thessaloniki Airport Busses – the 79A, the 79B, the 01X, and the 1N

Thessaloniki Airport to Halkidiki - The ticket booth outside of the arrivals area
The ticket booth outside of the arrivals area

Four OASTH buses stop at the arrivals area of the Thessaloniki airport. To get from the Thessaloniki Airport to Halkidiki, you take the bus 79A. The 79A and the 79B make a loop connecting IKEA – a central hub for changing buses – and the KTEL Halkidiki Bus Station. The 79A goes from IKEA to Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport to the KTEL Halkidiki Bus Station. The 79B goes from the KTEL Halkidis to the Airport and then to IKEA.

The Express Buses from the Airport

The 01X and the 1N are express buses linking the Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport with the KTEL Makedonia Bus Station to the west of the city, via the city center. The 01X and the 1N buses do not serve to the KTEL Halkidiki station.

From the KTEL Makedonia bus station, you can catch buses to nearly everywhere in Greece except Halkidiki – like Alexandroupoli, Athens, Volos. There are even buses that go to island destinations- like Evia, Lefkada, Chania (you pay for the ferry separately).

Here’s more detailed information about the Airport Express buses.

The Schedule for the 79A and 79B Airport Buses

The 79 A and the 79 B run approximately every 30 minutes throughout the day, beginning at 6 am, with the last bus departing shortly after 21:30. For detailed information please check here.

This is not a problem, because the KTEL Halkidiki buses stop running earlier in the evening than that. Some leave as late as 21:00. But for other destinations, the last departure can be as early as the middle of the day.

Please note: it may look like there is a queue, but as soon as the bus arrives everyone will just crowd on.

The KTEL Halkidiki (Chalkidiki) Bus Station

The KTEL Halkidiki (Chalkidiki) services all three areas of the Halkidiki peninsula: Kassandra- the first leg, Sithonia- the middle leg, and Ouranoupoli- the area above the Mount Athos peninsula.

Complete KTEL Halkidiki schedules and fare information can be found here.

Especially in the high season, buses can fill up quickly. You can buy a ticket in advance using this link.

Thessaloniki Airport to Halkidiki -Nea Potidea is less than an hour from the KTEL Halkidiki station
Nea Potidea is less than an hour from the KTEL Halkidiki station

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